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Mesqit releases Coffin Sounds, his new EP from beyond the pale

The portuguese producer has delivered the Peruvian label Sacrilejio Records’ second release, an EP with a strong storytelling angle inspired by Egyptian beliefs. Listen to “Rebirth” below.

The young Peruvian label Sacrilejio Records emerged from its cocoon at the end of 2020 with the compilation Expiation, exploring concepts of danger and mortal sin through electronic music inspired by deconstructed Latin American rhythms. Having contributed to this compilation, it is the Portuguese artist Mesqit who signs the label’s second release with Coffin Sounds, an EP that makes music out of the funerary inscriptions engraved on Egyptian tombs. These ideograms were designed to obtain the protection of the Gods against the dangers of the afterlife and served as inspiration for Mesqit, who has always gravitated towards original themes in his music, from tales of samurais to oppressed Arab peoples. With a sound that the label describes as a hybrid between techrreo, reggaeton, dembow and baile funk, the producer tells the story of a young man’s post-mortem journey from mummification to rebirth. “Rebirth” is a minimalist baile funk track that toes the line between big energy and serenity.

Pre-order the EP here.

Mesqit- Rebirth