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DJ Erycox releases "Dovic a Moda"

The Angolan producer DJ Erycox has released “Dovic a Moda,” a new single described as a “tribute to chaos.”

The pandemic continues to inspire musicians. This time, it’s DJ Erycox, a young France-based Angolan producer who grew up in Portugal. Here, he offers a version of Portuguese batida, a style that has spread through the Príncipe label in recent years. The result is a combination of edgy, melancholic melodies, embodying the paradoxical feelings of the Covid age.

The video, shot in the Quinta do Mocho neighborhood where the musician comes from, captures this very special atmosphere: “I thought that changing Covid to Dovic would flip the way people think about the effects of isolation, especially as people are coming together again. That’s what I wanted to show in the music video too.” The visual features DJ Erycox’ brother DJ Dadifox and his family as well as producer friends Dariofox, Emme DJ and Trabuco.

DJ Erycox also has Casannova Produções in the works, a new band alongside DJ Nasty, Nato Tyson and Dj Mirofox.

“Dovic a moda”, out now on Point Records.

Listen to “Dovic a moda” in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.