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Bab delivers North African party vibes with new track

The producer has been featured by Kasbah on Musique de Fête, Vol. 1, a compilation from Nowadays, on which Bab relives the joyful memories of his childhood.

In collaboration with Nadir, aka Kasbah, Bab has released “Salle des fêtes.” The coiner of rai & bass explains this move as “a tribute to the rai that we listen to since childhood and which is called ‘Salle des fêtes’ (party room) to remember the atmosphere of weddings.“. Indeed, it was through events like weddings that the singers of rai became known, including for its greatest practitioners, like Cheb Hasni.

The video features North African women dressed in their traditional Amazigh dresses in a vibrant party atmosphere. Bab co-directed the visual, alongside Kevin Brichard, employing old cassettes from Algerian music videos dating from the 80s: “Once these images were gathered, we had fun with Kevin to make them slide with analog mixers of the 80s to find this grain of the time while bringing a touch of modernity with contemporary textures.”

The track is taken from Musique de Fête’s compilation, which was kick started by Kasbah who brought Bab, Kabylie Minogue, Les Frères Jackfruit and Yane together. These artists are driven by the same passion for raï, which they associate with more modern sounds that are perfect for clubs and blend music from North Africa and the Middle East.

Musique de Fête, Vol. 1 is now available via Nowadays Records.