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Rodolphe Lauretta releases suave saxophone track “Anticipation”

The artist joins forces with Californian singer Genevieve Artadi for the new single ahead of his upcoming album, Kreolia, which is slated for October.

Rodolphe Lauretta’s new track forms a taste of his album, Kreolia, which features Genevieve Artadi, from the band Knower. “Anticipation” blends groove, funk and pop with Rodolphe Lauretta’s sax leading the jazz waves with Timothée Bakoglu on synths, Emmanuel Camy on bass, Laurent Emmanuel “Tilo” Bertholo on drums and Olivier Laisney on trumpet.

Lauretta has his sights set on the Caribbean with Kreolia, an album that will feature Dwight Trible, M.E.D aka Medaphoar and Ruppert Pupkin. Born in Amiens, France, the saxophonist pays tribute to his origins, having grown up with Guyanese-Caribbean parents.

Kreolia will be released on October 15, 2021 by Cristal Records.

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Rodolphe Lauretta – Anticipation