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SPRLUA duo Haig V and Samito release "Assassinato" video

Haig V and Samito concoct a gem of social poetry, supported by the new Montreal-based creative space, Fezihaus.

Directed by Christian Boakye-Agyeman, the video immerses us in nature, prompting reflections on our relationship with social responsibility.  The SPRLUA project surfs on an unsolved murder case, built like a light thriller, to deliver a minimalist, socially-concious poem. Situated between amapiano and epistrophe, music, song and dance, an alchemic and hypnotizing effect washes over the audience.

This is Samito and Haig V’s third single from SPRLUA. The group takes its name from the Portuguese “Superlua de Sangue de Lobo,” which refers to a rare lunar eclipse that occurs in the middle of winter. SPRLUA and clothing brand Adapture have also released a new T-shirt design inspired by the visual: “To be seen is to be heard.”

Listen to SPRLUA in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.