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6 albums you should listen to this week

Poté launches into song, Greentea Peng soothes with deeply spiritual music and Reefer Tym, Lojay and Sarz continue to explore hip hop in all its diversity. Takana Zion travels to Kingston to pay tribute to the legends of reggae, as does the Awesome Tapes from Africa label, who honor the pioneer of modern Ethiopian music, Hailu Mergia.

A tenuous tale of her

Poté is a British club and electronic artist from Saint Lucia, an island state in the West Indies. Through primarily a producer, Poté fully assumes his vocation as a vocalist on his new project, as well as his pop side: “I think it’s by working with other people, artists who really write songs, and not just producers, that I really sharpened my ear, my sense of melody and writing.” In his music we hear many influences, such as kuduro, electronic and traditional African music.

Listen here

Lojay x Sarz

In Nigeria, Lojay joins forces with the producer Sarz, a collaborator of Beyoncé, Burna Boy, Drake and Skepta, for a new EP featuring the giant,  Wizkid, on “LV N ATTN”. It marks a perfect fusion of hip-hop, afrobeats and R&B, Lojay explains: “We created a unique sound with the EP taking inspiration from sounds around the globe. It’s like nothing anyone has ever heard before. It’s a genuine representation of where I was at the time I was making it – going through heartbreak and experiencing a wide range of different emotions. Working with Sarz gave me the opportunity to channel these feelings through my music. I hope the world enjoys LV N ATTN as much as I enjoyed making it.

Listen here

Hailu Mergia

The Awesome Tapes From Africa label has unearthed Tezeta, a mythical album  from the pioneering group of modern Ethiopian music that has been missing for three decades. Existing only on cassette, it was recorded in the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, where Hailu Mergia and the Walias Band accompanied the biggest names in Ethiopian music. Many celebrities frequented this hotel, such as Alice Coltrane and the Cameroonian legend Manu Dibango. Tezeta is their first full-length album, released on the group’s own label, Ethio Sound. It represents a traditional hymn, fueled by nostalgia, but with funky melodies. This work takes us back to the golden age of popular music, the “Swinging Addis,” when Hailu Mergia’s songs were omnipresent in all Ethiopian social spheres.

Listen here

Man made
Greentea Peng

The British artist plunges us into a dreamlike universe, caught between spirituality and politics and inspired by the Hindu goddess Kali Ma. Groove, jazz and neo-soul are the watchwords of this project, which was recorded in the countryside alongside the band The Seng Seng Family. Produced by Earbuds, Greentea was supported by several producers such as Swindle, Samo & Kiko or Mala. A hypnotic album, the project elicits the fullness of mysticism, just like the inner world of the singer, seemingly of infinite richness.

Listen here

Human Supremacy
Takana Zion

For his sixth album, the Guinean artist sought out the essential Mixing Lab studio in Kingston, a true place of pilgrimage in the world of reggae. Recorded alongside the great names of the Jamaican music scene, such as Samuel Clayton Junior and Stephen Stewart, this new project honors both Guinea and Jamaica and features traditional African ceremonies as well as Rastafarianism. It represents a deeply spiritual album, which breeds optimism.

Listen here

Everyone is Watching
Reefer Tym

At only 21 years old, the Ghanaian artist unveils his new EP alongside EL, Drew and Manu WorldStar. Like the cover of his album, on which he floats through space, Reefer Tym plunges us into a deeply calm soundscape, encouraging us to pursue our dreams and feel the rhythms.

Listen here