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South African band The Joy unveils video for debut single "Isencane Lengane"

Produced and recorded by Two Inch Punch, the song is a breathtaking introduction to the South African band’s unique sound.

The Joy is a South African band, whose members met in a small town near Durban during a singing competition in high school. Encouraged by their teachers and classmates, the group mixes traditional Zulu music and acapella singing. Their sound has seduced many artists, such as the British producer Two Inch Punch, who went to South Africa to record a new single with The Joy, entitled “Insencane Lengane.” They have also become the first band to sign to the producer’s Love You Up label in the UK.

The track brings an all-encompassing benevolence to listeners. Between relaxed, evocative landscapes and humorous scenes on the school benches, the group softens the mood with its choral singing, reminiscent of the depth and power of gospel music. The smiles and choreography of the different members of the group instantly communicates a contagious joy that spills over to all who listen.

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