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DJ Amir and BBE Music pay tribute to Detroit's Strata Records on compilation

Strata Records The Sound Of Detroit – Volume 1 highlights the greatest products of the Michigan jazz label.

DJ Amir, BBE Music and 180 Proof Records have teamed up to pay tribute to the mythical independent jazz label, Strata Records, founded in 1969 by Kenny Cox in Detroit, Michigan. DJ Amir was keen to give Strata Records’ founder a prominent place on the album: “I thought it would be appropriate to start the compilation with one of my favorite tracks from the catalog, Kenny Cox’s ‘Beyond the Dream,’ a spiritual groove, enhanced by the haunting mellotron layers and melancholy vocals of Detroit legend Ursula Walker. And I love the ending, with the singing of ‘Vamonos Que Ya Fiesta Se Acabo’ (‘It’s time to leave because the party is coming to an end’)!

Active until 1975, the label may have released less than ten albums, but they are all highly sought after. DJ Amir explains the process of the compilation: “I carefully selected my favorite tracks that have not been pirated or compiled in the past, whether they are fan favorites, obscure tracks or unreleased tracks. It’s by no means a complete and comprehensive compilation, but these are the songs that really represent the catalog and help tell the Strata story.” On it, we find various artists, such as Charles Mingus, Larry Nozero, saxophonist who worked with Marvin Gaye, Maulawi Nururidin and Soulmates. The track “All But Blind” from Mixed Bag, featuring Ursula Walker, is already available for listening.

Pre-order Strata Records The Sound Of Detroit – Volume 1 before May 25, 2021, via BBE Music.

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