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Daniel Haaksman remixed Super Mama Djombo on Black Atlantica Edits
Daniel Haaksman remixed Super Mama Djombo on Black Atlantica Edits

Berlin producer and DJ Daniel Haaksman unveils the first track of his next album Black Atlantica Edits which will be released on April 24th on BBE Music. Director of the Man Recordings, Daniel Haaksman joins […]

BBE revives legendary Tabansi Records
BBE revives legendary Tabansi Records

British label BBE has embarked upon a titanic mission to reissue part of the Nigerian label Tabansi’s back catalogue. PAM met with journalist John Armstrong and the label’s boss, Joe Tabansi, to piece together this […]

BBE Music reissues a rare live from Ghanian afro-disco artist Sidiku Buari
BBE Music reissues a rare live from Ghanian afro‑disco artist Sidiku Buari

Revolution (Live Disco Show In New York City) is the fourth and final BBE reissue of Sidiku Buari’s unique and sought-after body of African disco albums. Revolution’s side 1 is (possibly!) live throughout, from a 1979 show at the (possibly […]

Ebo Taylor’s lost album to be released 40 years later
Ebo Taylor's lost album to be released 40 years later

The tapes from Palaver, recorded in the 80s in Nigeria by the Ghanaian highlife legend, were forgotten in a backroom of Tabansi Records‘ studios. The now 83 years old electric highlife pionneer Ebo Taylor will finally have his album Palaver released. Native of Cape Coast, […]

Zack & Geebah, short-lived but long lasting
Zack & Geebah, short‑lived but long lasting

As a part of their reedition series of the Tabansi music label, BBE gives a second life to Zack & Geebah’s For the Love of Money. Former members of the band Liberia Dreams, Zack Roberts and Geebah Swaray decided […]

8 albums you need to hear this week
8 albums you need to hear this week

In this week’s selection: a tribute to the city of Belém, an electro-funana compilation, Goldlink’s endorphic mixtape, Manu Dibango doing sound illustrations and much more… Dona Onete Rebujo Following the critical success of her 2017 album […]

Ojo Balingo, the mysterious juju master
Ojo Balingo, the mysterious juju master

Thanks to BBE, juju music finds its way out of the Yoruba’s circle with the reissue of an enigmatic album of Ojo Balingo. British label keeps its exploration of record label Tabansi’s archives with a fake […]

Nkono Teles, the forgotten super-producer
Nkono Teles, the forgotten super‑producer

Nkono Teles is one of West Africa’s most prolific producers during the 1980s, credited with more than 150 productions, spanning the work of more than 100 artists and groups. Cameroun-born and Nigeria-bred, Nkono is an innovative […]