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BBE reissues Atakora Manu’s highlife
BBE reissues Atakora Manu’s highlife

The British label celebrates Ghanaian highlife with the reissue of two rare 80s LPs, Afro Highlife and Omintiminim. Discover “Dada” exclusively on PAM. Born in Toase, Ghana, Atakora’s musical talent was evident from an early […]

Jojoftheejungle teases upcoming project with “Call Me (Omo’kpe)”
Jojoftheejungle teases upcoming project with “Call Me (Omo’kpe)”

The Red Line EP marks the Nigerian artist’s debut and will be released on BBE Music’s sister label Batakari Music, driven by Boddhi Satva and BBE Music founder Peter Adarkwah.   Hailing from Ikeja, Lagos, home […]

BBE revives legendary Tabansi Records
BBE revives legendary Tabansi Records

British label BBE has embarked upon a titanic mission to reissue part of the Nigerian label Tabansi’s back catalogue. PAM met with journalist John Armstrong and the label’s boss, Joe Tabansi, to piece together this […]

BBE Africa reissues two rare Tabansi Studio Band afrobeat albums
BBE Africa reissues two rare Tabansi Studio Band afrobeat albums

For the first time anywhere, BBE reissues back-to-back two rare LPs that many Afro heads doubted their very existence until now, Wakar Alhazai Kano 9 & Mus’En Sofua. Wakar Alhazai Kano 9 & Mus’En Sofua is composed of four incredible slices of almost undiscovered […]

BBE Music reissues a rare live from Ghanian afro-disco artist Sidiku Buari
BBE Music reissues a rare live from Ghanian afro‑disco artist Sidiku Buari

Revolution (Live Disco Show In New York City) is the fourth and final BBE reissue of Sidiku Buari’s unique and sought-after body of African disco albums. Revolution’s side 1 is (possibly!) live throughout, from a 1979 show at the (possibly […]

BBE reissues Kabasa’s cult album, African Sunset
BBE reissues Kabasa's cult album, African Sunset

Originally released in 1982 on ephemeral label Lyncell, the South-African band’s third and last album is finally republished by BBE. Kabasa was founded in Soweto by singer and bass player Tata “TNT” Sibeko as well as […]