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Kologo player Ayuune Sule releases video for "Don't Be Lazy"

With his new album, Putoo Katare Yire, the Ghanaian translates his natural enthusiasm to music.

Ayuune Sule is a Ghanaian artist from Bongo, a town in the north of his native country. One of the places he grew up in was the Top Link Studio, owned by the producer Francis Ayamga, which brings together many local talents. Ayuune Sule flourished there while playing the kologo, a traditional two-stringed lute used by troubadours to deliver spiritual messages. He says: “I inherited my kologo instrument from my great-great grandfathers and I am supposed to pass it on to my children and grandchildren.” In 2018, he experienced some success, following the release of his debut album We Have One Destiny, which helped him to become one of the most famous kologo players in the world. Due to the global pandemic, the artist was unable to continue touring in Europe, allowing him to focus on other projects.

Ayuune Sule has announced the release of his new album, Putoo Katare Yire, which means “wickedness has no home” in Frafra, the artist’s native language spoken in the northeast of Ghana. On it, he urges everyone to be kind alongside Bonjo and Prince Buju: “Wicked people have problems every day, never peace and no rest, wickedness has no home.” It is an ode to happiness, revisiting the musical traditions of Kologo in a very contemporary way. Ayuune Sule says: “When you dance, when you move, sickness runs away and leaves your body free. Your body will be strong.” See Ayuune Sule’s reworking of his hit song “Don’t Be Lazy,” via the new video.

The album Putoo Katare Yire will be released on April 23 via Rebel Up Records.

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