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Branko and Iúri Oliveira join forces on "CTG"

Branko’s headlining on the Portuguese electronic scene shows that he lacks neither curiosity nor creativeness by teaming up with Luso-Angolan percussionist Iúri Oliveira on his new single “CTG.”

Although concerts have not yet resumed, Branko continues to create experiences for fans. Following his series of DJ sets in the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal: from the bright heights of Lisbon to the mountainous Serra da Estrela and an idyllic diversions to the Maldives, the Enchufada boss recently performed at the top of the medieval city of Guimarães for a new high-level DJ set. The Lisbon-based producer debuted his new single “CTG” by sneaking it into the mix. The title is an sms-style shortening of the Portuguese word “Contigo,” meaning “With You,” illustrating “the hope in being able to dance together in a real dance floor in an increasingly closer future,” the producer says.

This vibrant new bright instrumental marks a true fusion of digital and organic percussion, and follows in the footsteps of his previous explorations, such as “SDDS” or the classic “MPTS” with Pedro Da Linha.

Speaking with the Portuguese media outlet Rimas e Batidas, the co-creator of Buraka Som Sistema talked about the genesis of the track and his collaboration with the Luso-Angolan musician: “The track was born out of a challenge from Iúri, who sent me a series of recordings of melodies he had created on an instrument called mbira. I took this raw material and within a few hours I had practically constructed the theme.” (…) “He is a very talented musician who has an incredible knowledge of tones, rhythms and instruments as well as their geographical and historical distribution. On top of that, he is a super generous person.”

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