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Sabrina Bellaouel and Dak express the power of Arab seduction
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Sabrina Bellaouel and Dak express the power of Arab seduction

With “Arab Liquor,” the French-Algerian singer and the Kabyle rapper mix English and Darija in a sensual, cross-cultural marriage

Following her latest EP, Libra, in reference to the astrological sign, this singular artist is now back with the Algerian rapper Dak for the remix of her track “Arab Liquor.” It marks an artistic exchange between Paris, Annaba in Algeria and London, where the singer was. She explains: “It is obvious that the context in which I find myself directly influences my way of producing and it is true that the fact of having recently shared my time between Paris, Rotterdam, London and the Maghreb gave a certain color to my new compositions.” Dak transforms this ode to femininity into a darker drill universe, while releasing the bewitching, soulful quality of Sabrina’s vocals.

Sabrina continues: “Sensuality is something that I find beautiful and I have models of women around me who are sensual and have never been vulgar. And for me it is really that, to be a woman. At least that’s what I recognize myself in. I think it shows in the music.” She also believes that sensuality makes you feel good about yourself, singing confidently: “I bet you never had a woman like this.” She adds that she finds “extremely beautiful this hyper sensual side and at the same time very modest, very humble” which she places in opposition to “vulgarity.

The EP Arab Liquor will be released on May 28 by InFiné.

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