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7 albums you should listen to this week

This week has been rich in all kinds of rap! Ami Yerewolo pays tribute to the power of women, Damso recounts his long and personal journey to success and Blaqbonez advocates for the pleasures in life. Elsewhere, several artists emphasize the value of their cultures, like Dawn Richard, who represents New Orleans and Boogzbrown who hails from La Réunion. As for King Perryy, he implores us to become citizens of the world, while Kasai Allstars reflects on the diversity of the Congo.

Ami Yerewelo

The Malian rapper asserts herself on AY, an album title that refers to the initials of her stage name. She talks of having “sacrificed my family for my music,” defines the new project as follows: “I was my own counselor, saying lyrics was my way to encourage myself and not to give reason to others on what they thought of me. Music has always been like a therapy for me. Whenever I’m in pain, I rap and it goes away.” It is an ode to the independence and freedom of womens: “It cannot be defined as Malian or French rap. What I do is Ami Yerewolo, rap sometimes pure and hard, sometimes melodious, sometimes electro.

Listen here

Citizen of the world
King Perryy

King Perryy decided to release a new album on his birthday. This reggae and dancehall singer continuously explores new musical horizons, constantly trying to make connections with the rest of the world. He is even nicknamed “the child of the continent,” since he defines his music as containing a “continental sound.” The title of the album directly echoes his thoughts during his childhood: “It means a lot to me, because since I was a child I was that guy who always wanted to leave home. I always thought I wanted to travel the world, but I’m that guy who always stays home. My parents didn’t want me to go out. So I thought, ‘Will I ever be able to travel the world?’” This marks a “dream come true” for the artist, another step in his humanist blossoming.

Listen here

Second Line: An Electro Revival
Dawn Richard

Two years after the success of New Breed, an album inspired by her father, Dawn Richard returns to her native New Orleans roots in her new project, this time inspired by her mother. The project embodies the designer’s artistic quest, which she defines as: “A movement to bring black female electronic music pioneers to the forefront.” She also adds: “I want to be the one to motivate a young black woman in the American South to be what she wants musically, visually or artistically.” This album marks a true rejuvenation, aiming to celebrate the end of labels, of an “old vision of the industry,” making way for a new wave of artists: “This is our own resurrection.

Listen here

QALF Infinity

The Brussels-based rapper of Congolese descent reveals more and more with each new release, notably QALF, released last year, but also of Ipséité, released in 2017. The rapper insisted on releasing his new album on April 28, just like Ipséité. In a cyclical fashion, Damso looks back on his journey, from his relationship with Booba to his breakup with love, to finding success.

Listen here

Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Kasai Allstars

The Congolese collective is inspired by many myths and proverbs, as reflected in the name of their album, which evokes the idea of there being “strength in unity.” This universal motto is also the national motto of Bolivia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Haiti and Belgium. The singer Bijou recently joined the collective, known for its electronic style, which includes percussion and xylophones. Recorded in Kinshasa, the project perfectly highlights the plurality of traditional music within the same city, drawing inspiration from the Luba, Songye and Tetela cultures.

Listen here


The street artist highlights his Creole heritage on his debut EP, instantly transporting us to Reunion Island and paying homage to the island’s infinite cultural diversity. Boogzbrown says, “The triangular base of the 3, a mystical and spiritual figure, echoes the infinite cyclical nature of the 8.” He evokes time, tradition, memory as well as modernity. The title of the EP also refers to polyrhythm, omnipresent in a frenetic way in this new project on a soundscape tinged with dancehall, maloya and techno.

Listen here

Sex over love

The Nigerian rapper ventures into a whole new genre with his new album: “Blaqbonez is just a crazy person. They say every genius is crazy. I just do exactly what I want and I don’t follow any rules.” In this new project, Blaqbonez evokes his carnal passion, contrasting it with depth of love, even if it means sounding like a “heartbreaker.” In doing so, he encourages all artists to explore with confidence, stating, “At first you’re ignored, then you’re fought, then you’re followed.”

Listen here