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The Busy Twist longs for summer on the Nanko EP

The Londonian DJ has joined forces with the Congolese singer Tres and the Zimbabwean street band Daniel and Gonora Sounds.

It was at a small festival in the Panama jungle that the Londonian producer The Busy Twist met the owner of the French-Colombian label Galletas Calientes Records and laid the foundations for the 2-track EP Nanko, with the aim of highlighting the universality of African and Caribbean dance rhythms.

The project also features a remix by Zimbabwean street band Daniel and Gonora Sounds, led by Daniel, a blind guitarist. He explained enthusiastically: “The album we’ve done here, I think it’s the very best work I’ve done, and I really hope it pays! That fact that someone came from America to do it means that they think it’s a good one, so I feel confident about its success and look forward to its launch. I gave it my all and I feel hopeful about it.

Following their collaborations on “Ya Yo” and “Etali Nga te”, The Busy Twist, through DJ Oliver Williams, once again joins forces with the Congolese singer Tres, employing frenzied rhythms on the explosive “Nanko” – a Congolese expression meaning “to do things on purpose” and without holding back. Pure sunshine, 100% positive vibes.

Nanko will be released on April 23 via Galletas Calientes Records.

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