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Killabeatmaker's new video showcases the style of Afro‑Colombia

Shot on the Colombian Pacific coast, the video for “Matiela Suto” gets a release, taken from the Medellín DJ and producer’s recent EP. It reveals the importance of pan-Africanism in Colombia, whether through fashion or music.

The video is based on a project created by the designer Laura Gómez for her ‘Color Piel’ collection. The main objective of this countryside visual, with its majestic landscapes and characters, is to show the importance of Africanism in Colombian culture and to highlight the little-known beauty of the Pacific coast (especially the Chocó department), where the majority of Afro-Colombian populations originate. Through the sense of discovery it provides, the video implicitly denounces the racism, vulnerability and exclusion of the Afro-Colombian community by the rest of the country.

Sumptuous sets and attire remind us of the richness of this heritage, which is still celebrated far too infrequently. This is the whole purpose of Hilder Brando’s music, an artist now better known as Killabeatmaker, who is none other than the lead singer of RADIOCALIENTE. His electronic music pays homage to the songs and rhythms of Afro-Colombian descendants. It marks an adventure steeped in lush tropical landscapes and Afro-house culture, all lulled by the enchanting and shamanic voice of singer NAKI, which is found on the other tracks on the EP. 

Listen to Killabeatmaker in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

The EP is available on all streaming platforms via Galletas Calientes Records.