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Batida presents new project alongside Ikonoklasta on "Pele"

“Pele” (meaning “skin”) frees the body and mind through electronic production and Angolan influences. Listen to the new track by the Portuguese-Angolan duo from their upcoming EP under Ikoqwe.

In their new video the duo don masks to introduce their high-flying project. It is the kind of performance that Ikoqwe are known for, with goosebump-inducing choreography.The two artists give their all to champion their ideals and describe their project as follows: “Ikoqwe tickles the brain, frees the lower abdomen, puts feet on the ground, raises fists in the air but keeps the heart open.” It is a project that has come to be known as the Luso-Angolan ambassador for the new African electronic wave, made up of Batida (aka Pedro Coquenão) and Ikonoklasta (aka Luaty Beirão), the Angolan activist rapper. Together, they have created an inspiring new sound..

“Pele” (meaning “skin”) is the first single from their upcoming album, a mix of old school hip-hop and traditional Angolan music. The album, entitled The Beginning, the Medium, the End and the Infinite, is due for release on March 5. It uses drum machines and vocals in several languages: whispered Angolan slang, especially umbundu – the main language spoken in Huambo, Pedro Coquenão’s hometown – Portuguese and English. The themes include neo-colonialism, falsified history, utopian discourses, and much more.

“Pele” is the single to an EP that will become a future album that remixes the Afro house legend Boddhi Satva and the British “disco noir” band MADMADMAD. It marks a mix of electro and trance music resulting in a stunning stage performance.

Listen to Ikoqwe in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

The album The Beginning, the Medium, the End and the Infinite will be released on March 5 via Crammed Discs.