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Young Legends Joeboy and Kwesi Arthur meet on “Door”

Joeboy, coming off his debut album Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic, invites Ghanian musician and previous collaborator Kwesi Arthur to be featured in the music video and track “Door”.

Joeboy continues to explore Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic this time with a feature from Ghanian singer Kwesi Arthur. The collaboration is fitting. Both Joeboy and Kwesi have garnered a pop-star like status in their respective countries and beyond. This isn’t the first time the duo have worked together either. Their 2020 hit “Baajo” has already amassed several million streams across streaming platforms. Joeboy says the idea for the collaboration came to him in Ghana while on a media tour for his latest album “the atmosphere and vibe being there inspired me to want to feature a Ghanaian artiste on the video for the song and Kwesi Arthur was the first person to come to mind because we already have this synergy… I felt like he was the right person for the song so I decided to send him the track, he loved it and recorded on it, a day later we shot the video in Ghana and voilà.”

Ghana is a continued source of inspiration for Africa’s young legend, recounting in our last interview that a quad ride along Ghana’s coast was the catalyst for his album’s long and poetic title.

“We stopped at the waterfront and then I asked (my producer Oxygen Mix) like, ‘Yo, what do you think we should name this album?’ He looked around and was like, ‘somewhere between beauty and magic.’”

Kwesi Arthur on the other hand is just coming off a different massive remix of “Sore” with Yaw Tog and Stormzy. Nonetheless, Kwesi recounts, “Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic is one of my favourite albums to come out this year so I was excited when Joeboy asked me to jump on one of the songs. ‘Door’ was actually one of the songs I vibed with most so I was happy to bring my own Ghanaian vibe to the track.”

He continues by leaving a sense of hope for future collabs: “Watch out for more exciting stuff from us!”

Listen to “Door” on our our One Dance playlist on Spotify and Deezer.