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A hedonistic anthem by the Afropean Y'akoto

With her video for “What’s Good,” the German-Ghanaian singer encourages us to focus on self-love and positivity.

Y’akoto grew up with a Ghanaian father and a German mother. Born in Hamburg, she has traveled the world, from Ghana to Cameroon, through Togo, Chad and Paris. Her father, a highlife musician, quickly passed down a taste for music, whether funk, reggae, rock or soul. Faced with a deeply cosmopolitan upbringing, she has never ceased to embody universal values, constantly seeking beauty in art through introspection. She defines her particular musical category as “Soul-seeking.”

This notion is perfectly illustrated by her new video, “What’s Good.” Following a breakup, the young artist decided to move to Ghana in 2019 in order to reconnect with her roots and cut ties with her past: “relearning to love herself in a radical way.

In collaboration with producer Jay Synths, Y’akoto is radiant in this new visual, an ode to letting go. She explains: “’What’s Good’ is a feeling. I’ve never felt comfortable telling people how they should handle certain situations or feel about things. ‘What’s Good’ on the other hand could be a clue, or just a song that will make you feel good at a certain time.” Her movements are imbued with joy and good humor in the streets of Accra, featuring an elderly woman in full improvisation, whose smile can be felt from behind her mask. It is a video full to the brim with optimism, offering the listener a taste of happiness through self-love.

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