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Brazil's Deekapz return with "Hoje Tem"

The duo pays homage to Destiny’s Child with the upcoming R&B-inflected EP, Ensaio Sobre Você, which means “an essay on you” in Portuguese

The São Paulo-based Deekapz have made a name for themselves through their intelligent blend of genres, from Brazilian baile funk to R&B, not to mention electronic music. Their growing list of collaborations includes great artists from their native country such as Criolo and Pabllo Vittar.

The new single “Hoje Tem” refers to a Brazilian expression, which relates to having fun. Deekapz transports us to the era of Destiny’s Child through a Brazilian spin on R&B sounds, evoking the joys of relationships.

Deekapz – Hoje Tem

The track announces their upcoming EP, Ensaio Sobre Você, on which the duo flex their writing and singing muscles. Deekapz evokes couple life, including all the ups and downs. “Ensaio” means “trial,” but also “experience” or “repetition,” in Portuguese. This title has a double meaning for the duo, concerning exploration in both love and music on soundscapes that are full of introspection, perfect for lovers and lonely souls alike.

The Ensaio Sobre Você EP will be released on May 14.

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