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M.anifest releases "Confusion"

The Ghanaian rapper has unveiled a new video evoking the paradoxes of urban life.

For his new track “Confusion,” the Ghanaian artist M.anifest wanders like a vagabond, totally lost, against an afrobeats soundscape. Produced by British-Ghanaian Juls, who has worked with Burna Boy and Kida Kudz, an upbeat instrumental accompanies the rapper, perfectly matching the lively and fun tone of the video.

Also a Unicef ambassador, M.anifest offers puns in the face of life’s chaos, inspired by his hometown, Accra. He explains: “Such is the paradox of life in our cities, there is always a constant tension between the feeling of ‘quick quick’ and ‘ok wait‘.”

In the video, which employs animation in its design, M.anifest travels through different landscapes on a scooter, from a highway to busy streets to snow-covered mountains. He raps: “Life is a puzzle and they didn’t leave you any clues. The whole system is broken, even the adults are not adults.” He adds: “Confusion sets in and the system chokes.”

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