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Branko is “Out Of Office” on his new single

Standing on top of the Algarve’s cliffs, the Lisbon-based DJ and producer unveils a heady new track with “OOO”.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Branko has taken his decks in many beautiful landscapes for his DJ sets. This time, he stops in the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, where he presents his new single “OOO”. The title is the abbreviation for “Out of Office”, a tribute to “all the time that we spend offline and that we manage to disconnect ourselves from our daily life” according to the Portuguese producer. Although “OOO” is a solo track from the Enchufada label boss, his partner and label member Pedro da Linha also brought his touch on this addictive melody with a clever use of horns, that somehow remind us of the sound of South African vuvuzelas. Branko’s last DJ set served as a preview for “OOO” as mentioned above, but he also took the opportunity to invite the young and promising EU.CLIDES, a portrait of whom will soon be dedicated on PAM, to perform live his track “Morto-Vivo”, co-produced by him.

For the magazine Rimas e Batidas, Branko spoke briefly about his set and this release: “After Lisbon, the Center and the North of the country, it was inevitable to finally go down to the Algarve with the whole team to record another set for Youtube, and to be able to present other novelties that I made in the studio, such as “OOO” (“out of office”) and some other collaborations.

Listen to “OOO” in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.