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Soumaé launches Activations Pt. 1

The Parisian producer delivers two ultra-dynamic tracks that are deeply connected to his origins.

Soumaé is a Parisian musician, producer and DJ. An actor in the French electronic scene for the last 8 years with his band Jabberwocky, he now unveils a project with very personal motivations. Driven by the desire to use sounds that remind him of a childhood spent in a family of dancers and percussionists, he draws from the West African repertoire via two new dancefloor-ready tracks  under the moniker Activations Pt. 1

Activations Pt. 1 is made up of “Sambanyi” and “Balanyi.” With its fiery percussion, persistent bass and retro synths, the first track’s influences come from acid house, Afrobeats and coupé décalé. “Balanyi” adds an acoustic touch through a Guinean balafon – hence the name of the track, which is written in Soussou. The heady melody of the instrumental contrasts brilliantly with the raw and percussive rhythmic section. 

Activations Pt. 1, out now.

Listen to Soumaé in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.