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Olamidé shares the video for "Rock"

The Nigerian giant has announced a new album in partnership with his own label YBNL and the U.S. record label Empire and released the single, “Rock.”

The Nigerian superstar makes his comeback by unveiling the video for “Rock,” directed by the famous Clarence Peters. In the visual, we follow the dancer Soliat Bada during a nighttime stroll, which leads to a romantic encounter. Olamidé explains: “The song is saying my lady doesn’t have to do too much to impress me — I love you already. It’s expressing what a guy would sing to a girl to give her confidence. I’m telling the women out there that, if a man truly loves you, you don’t have to go overboard to please him.” This message is sublimated by Afrobeats rhythms of beatmaker Eskeez, immersing us in a mood that is both intimate and upbeat.

This single is part of Olamidé’s upcoming album, Uy Scuti, in reference to one of the biggest known stars in our universe: “I chose UY Scuti for the title because this project is way bigger than anything I’ve ever done before. From the creativity, the amount of work that went into the project, the process, it’s just a new Olamidé inside me.” The artist will explore amapiano, alte, dancehall, but also reggae and more.

Uy Scuti will be released on June 14, via YBNL and Empire.

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