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Cheikh Ibra Fam advocates peace on "Yolele"

The actual Orchestra Baobab singer has released his first single under his real name and announces Peace in Africa, an album scheduled for October.

The Senegalese singer and multi-instrumentalist, known for singing in the famous Orchestra Baobab, is going solo. Leaving behind his stage name “Freestyle,” Cheikh Ibra Fam is now performing under his real name after a fifteen-year career.

The video for his first single, “Yolele,” is shot on the island of Goree, in his native country, in memory of the many victims of the slave trade. Cheikh Ibra Fam invites us to question ourselves in order to learn from history, which contrasts strongly with the visual, full ofs bright color and Afro-pop sounds. The title of the track also refers to a song and a traditional Fulani dance that is popular in Senegal. The lyrics, sung in Wolof, blend perfectly with the brass and percussion, reminding us of the artist’s cultural roots. With this new release, Cheikh plunges us into a joyful universe, prompting listeners to become actors of change in Africa, without using guilt as a tool. This benevolent style seems to be the common thread on the album Peace in Africa, of which “Yolele” is the first single.

Peace in Africa will be released on October 14, 2021.