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Siti and the Band release "Subira" ahead of new album

The Zanzibar-based band focuses on the misunderstandings married female musicians face from their husbands.

Siti and the Band is a group with growing success in Zanzibar and the rest of the world.  They are known for their commitment to taarab music, which means “joy through music,” as singer Siti Amina explains: “Taarab music is still the basis of all the songs, but there is diversity in the genres and the way the instruments are played as well as in the arrangements.”

In “Subira,” taarab, bongo flava, chakacha and zouk form a beautiful blend. Bandleader Siti Amina expands on the single’s message: “The song is about the struggles of married women musicians. It is essential to have a partner who understands the difficulties of being a musician, such as the tight rehearsal schedules, late night gigs and weeks away from home on tour. Otherwise, insecurity sets in and the relationship just doesn’t work.” The group’s name was inspired by Siti Binti Saad, who made her mark in a male-dominated world in the early 20th century, becoming a guest singer at the court of the Sultan of Zanzibar.

Amina adds: “Our sound has broadened to include the diverse coastal musical cultures found in Zanzibar. There is also some Afropop on the album, which bridges the gap between traditional music and what is in vogue in the world today.” This thread will continue on their upcoming album, which will be released in late 2021 or early 2022.

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