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Gaspa gathers 10 artists in Bamako for Gaspa Show #1
© Nicolas Réméné

Gaspa gathers 10 artists in Bamako for Gaspa Show #1

The Malian producer Gaspa has teamed up with rapper Lil Boula for “Ibo I Tiokola”, the first cut from a promising mixtape slated for July 16.

In the Sotuba neighbourhood of Bamako, Gaspa’s recording studio has become an essential stop for artists in the young afrobeats and rap scenes in the Malian capital. As much a composer as a sound engineer, Gaspa has been busy in recent months with a slew of tracks and projects.

Back with a mixtape entitled Gaspa Show #1, the producer joins forces with 10 artists representative of the diversity of the local scene: Papson, Wari First, RG Gang, Abou King, Bakarin Boss, Kal B, Meslaa, and the impressive singer Bako Dagon. Rapper Lil Boula also features on the first single, “Ibo I Tiokola”, available exclusively on PAM.

The mixtape promises to be varied and refreshing, its hours of studio work acting as a nice calling card for its creator. Will it prove to be the warm up for a debut album?

Gaspa Show #1 will be available on July 16 on Blanc Manioc.

Gaspa – Ibo I Tiokola (feat. Lil Boula)