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Konshens and Davido reunite on the explosive "Boom Bang"

Dancehall icon Konshens announces the upcoming Red Reign via track featuring Afrobeats star Davido.

Directed by Demarco in the city of Atlanta, Konshens sees the video for “Boom Bang” as follows: “We couldn’t do Jamaica, we couldn’t do Nigeria, so we met at the crossroads.” Indeed, Atlanta is home to significant Jamaican and Nigerian diasporas. The track’s aim was to take people’s minds off the lockdown: “It’s just a fun vibe and that’s what we want going into the summer. The past year has been way too serious, so we’re trying to loosen things up now.

Konshens is known for collaborations alongside the likes of Cardi B, Doja Cat and Rick Ross, on which he adds the dancehall flavor. He joins forces with one of the most popular artists on the African continent Davido. The single is part of Konshens’ Red Reign, the artist’s first project of 2021, to be released on the Oakland-based Ineffable Music label.

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