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PAM CLUB: Kleopatra Divine
Kleopatra Divine @sylvain_sey

PAM CLUB: Kleopatra Divine

Kleopatra Divine is a Rwandan DJ and digger who promotes female artists and understands the sweet science of undulating bodies. A member of the Noir Divine duo and close to the group Moonshine, this “zouk singer,” as she likes to be called, delivers a PAM Club under the sign of dancehall, but not only, and which will make “whiner” more than one for sure.

From Kigali to Normandy and from Normandy to Paris, the Rwandan DJ took her own route to the clubs. Her passion for solo digging was harnessed by the Franco-Moroccan DJ ڭليثر Glitter٥٥ who trained her on the decks.

Here, she offers sets where the women take control (…) Previously a solo bedroom digger, she now shares her particular sensibilities with a community that is always hungry and loyal. Dancehall, UK drill, D for Drama, Rap Fr…

With just over an hour on the clock and a bubbling selection that drifts around dancehall, it marks a moment of pure enjailment!

With this mix I wanted to share my dream of a club where female artists perform in MASS. The idea of a club managed by women has always crossed my mind. With the opportunity to join the members of the PAM Club I wanted the full scope of a mix to share this dream with you.

Follow Kleopatra Divine on Instagram, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

Pan African Music · PAM CLUB : Kleopatra Divine


1. Bamby – Fuckt It 
2. Macka Diamond – Chat dem a chat 
3. Team Scorn Dem – Get Click Riddim
4. Katrina – Take on di ting 
5. Jahlys – Bad like me
6. Timberlee – Wizard of Oz
7. Meryl – EMPÊCHE
8. Cherine Anderson – Haffi Come Back (Coolie Gal Riddim) 
9. Marcy Chin – No means No (Ant-Rape Song) 
10. Tiana – No ring pon mi finger  
11. Marcy Chin – Baddest little filly
12. 70 Shiine – Domino 
13. Lady Saw – Sweetest Ride
14. Maureen – Tic
16. Cecile – Hot like we
17. Spice – Back bend
18. Shenseea – Happy juk
19. Hope Tala – All my girls like to fight 
20. Sabrina Bellaouel – She don’t care    21. Shanique Marie Fini – Lifey  22. DJ Lag – Ice drop  23. Gnucci – You goo, I’m good let’s be great  24. Deena Abdelawahed – Tawa 25. Jojo Abot – Spirit take ova