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Gordan Koang - Coronavirus

Gordon Koang offers "Coronavirus", a shot of optimism in the midst of crisis

Following an acclaimed 2020 album on Music in Exile, Gordon Koang has announced his new double-single via “Coronavirus,” a track brimming with energy and optimism.

Born blind in southern Sudan, Gordon Koang lived through civil war and exile, eventually settling in Australia. There, he made a name for himself as an artist through danceable compositions and positive messages that bring authenticity and the good vibes.

With “Coronavirus”, Koang chooses English to deliver a simple and universal message of optimism, carried by a frantic tempo. The thom, a four-string guitar, complements the singer’s voice amongst a vibrant and rich arrangement.

“Coronavirus” will be followed by “Disco” on the double single release. See the video on PAM.