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Music Yared and Mikey Young build bridges between East Africa and Oceania in new video

The Eritrean artist Anbessa Gebrehiwot, the Ethiopian Haftu Reda and Australian Mikey Young announce the release of Sindayo (Mikey Young remixes), an EP supported by the “Music in Exile” initiative. In an exclusive, PAM unveils the new video.

Anbessa Gebrehiwot and Haftu Reda are originally from Eritrea and Ethiopia respectively. These musicians have mastered the krar, a five-stringed lyre, as well as the masinko, a one-stringed violin. An engineer in his native country, Haftu Reda left for Australia in 2013, hoping to find a better future for his wife and their four children. It was there that he met Anbessa Gebrehiwot. At the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Melbourne, the two eventually met Dale Gorfinkel, a producer and multi-instrumentalist who supports the rights of people who were in Australia before the arrival of Europeans.

Together, they participated in Music in Exile, an initiative led by Dale Gorfinkel. The objective of the project is to create a space for artistic creation for all people from diverse cultures in Australia. This initiative supports the group Music Yared, formed by Anbessa Gebrehiwot and Haftu Reda.

Following their eponymous album released back in 2020, the collective is back with a new EP of remixes from the project made by the Australian producer Mikey Young, who is well known in Melbourne. The video for the first track, “Sindayo (Mikey Young’s Masinko Remix)” takes us through whirlwind visuals representing various landscapes. The Music Yared artists also use the video to illustrate their experience of uprooting, a real bridge between the past and the present, bringing hope to many immigrants.

Pre-order the EP Sindayo (Mikey Young Remixes) ahead of its April 9, 2021 release, via Music in Exile.

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