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Japanese DJ Scotch Egg becomes Scotch Rolex at the Hakuna Kulala festival

Under the Scotch Rolex moniker, the DJ makes his debut on the Nyege Nyege label with Tewari, featuring Druma’s Lord Spikeheart, MC Yallah, Swordman Kitala and Chrisman.

After his 8-track EP, released in 2020, the Japanese DJ Scotch Egg has launched his new project entitled “Tewari.” His list of collaborations includes Bong-Ra, Gooooose, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kiki Hitomi, King Midas Sound, MC Sensational, Mike Paradinas, Ove-Naxx, Seefeel, and Slikback, the co-founder of Nyege Nyege‘s Hakuna Kulala festival. Based in Uganda, Hakuna Kulala features a variety of experimental dance and music in homage to East African cultures. Now, Scotch Rolex returns a year later with Tewari. This album combines breakcore, chiptune, dancehall, death metal, doom trap, fast electro, gabber, and also grindcore. Here, Scotch Egg becomes Scotch Rolex, in reference to a popular sandwich in Uganda. In the video for “Success,” Lord Spikeheart performs in an idyllic and soothing landscape, which contrasts with the fast-paced music of Scotch Rolex.

Pre-order Tewari ahead of its April 30 release via Hakuna Kulala.

Listen to Scotch Egg and Lord Spikeheart in our afro + club playlist on Spotify and Deezer.