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Badi releases erotic track, "Chocolat"

Accompanied by singer J.O.J and producer Boddhi Satva, Badi plays Don Juan alongside model Raissa Niyonsarai.

After releasing their joint album Trouble Fête in October 2020, Boddhi Satva and Badi have followed it up with the single “Chocolat.” Though they have been collaborating since 2015, their styles and directions remain different. Badi was born in Brussels to Congolese parents, while Armani Kombot-Naguemon (Boddhi Satva) is a Central African who moves all over Africa, always searching for something new. He is also behind the Afro-house label Offering Recordings, and defines his style as “ancestral soul“: The spirit of my music is ancestral, and the goal is to reach everyone, regardless of their origins. The word soul is literal, but there is also a more modern aspect that gives this ancestral touch its universal side.

He adds: “I like to work with artists who have no connection to me, to bring them into my world. The goal has always been to cross the underground and the mainstream.” As such, Boddhi Satva accompanies Badi for “Chocolate,” an ode to sensuality. In collaboration with the Nigerian singer J.O.J, Badi reveals his game of seduction and is accompanied by the model Raissa Niyonsarai throughout the clip: “Forbidden fruit to the hanging trees, charming smile, knowing look, glued-tight, the night is sold, jump of the angel to your lips suspended, chocolate praline just asks to be cuddled, candy to go, I came to comfort you.” It is enough to boost the hype around their upcoming EP, also entitled Chocolate.

The single is available in all platforms, with Lil Maro Wakanda and Kaahem’s remixes.

Listen to “Chocolat” in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.