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Biga Yut is back with the futuristic Vamparina

The Ugandan artist graces the Nyege Nyege sub-label with a new project built on surprising rhythms, adding a breath of fresh air in dancehall and electronic music.

Biga Yut grew up in the ghettos of Gaba, close to the Nyege Nyege studio. He is best known for accompanying Ecko Bazz on the single “Tuli Banyo,” a track reminiscent of the golden age of British grime. Biga Yut released his first EP, entitled “Walah,” in 2020, a perfect symbiosis between sounds present in nature and electronic melodies through which the young artist reflects on his musical whirlwind of a trajectory, from the ghetto to the studio.

“Vamparina,” Biga Yut’s undeniably futuristic new track proves his music’s unclassifiable nature. “Cash Boss” is the product of a collaboration with the Portuguese artist Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, who formed HHY & The Kampala Unit in Uganda. Under his new name, DJ Lithium, this European musician provides the bed upon which Biga Yut drags listeners into his futuristic universe, lying at the intersection between dancehall, funk, pop and reggae … a real explosive cocktail of a track.

Pre-order Vamparina, ahead of its March 12 release on Hakuna Kulala.

Check out Biga Yut in our afro + club playlist on Spotify et Deezer.