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Ami Yerewolo champions the value of perseverance on "Ibamba"

For her new single, which announces the album AY, the Malian artist advocates self-confidence, despite what others might say.

“Ibamba” means “perseverance,” a necessary quality in Ami Yerewolo’s universe, as emphasized on this new single. Inspired by Oumou Sangaré’s feminism, Ami Yerewolo has created her own communication structure, Denfari Events, which will avoid “the rotten men of the Malian music industry.” In Bambara, “Denfari” means “the child who is not afraid of challenges.” A strong advocate of sisterhood, the rapper collaborates with other women, such as Les Amazones d‘Afrique, the Moroccan Soultana, N’Dat Bouwané from Mauritania and Mine La Voilée from Senegal.

The video for “Ibamba” perfectly illustrates the spirit of sisterhood. It is a true hymn to self-fulfillment. Ami wished to represent the perpetual struggle of emancipating ourselves from the expectations of others, which weigh on our own happiness. It features a young student being bullied at school because of her characteristics. Like a prophetess, the MC delivers a message to this young girl, while surrounded by other caring women. Ami Yerewolo implores the youth of Mali to persevere: “There is no such thing as a silly profession, we must not depend on anyone, starting from nothing, we aim for the top.” She also insists on the importance of ignoring slander, which is so destructive for many women: “Some will always try to make you dirty, it’s normal, because they are dirtier than you are.

Find Ami Yerewolo in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

Pre-order the album AY ahead of its April 16 release, via Blick Bassy’s Othantiq AA label.