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Serge Ibaka and Ninho dissect success on "Champion"

NBA star Serge Ibaka joins forces with French rapper Ninho on “Champion,” a track born from success.

Their words read like a slogan: “To live and die like a champion – the others didn’t even believe it, like an eagle I flew above the clouds to feed the familia.” Shot on the land of their ancestors in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this video encounter takes place on the basketball court funded by the Los Angeles Clippers pivot foundation in Kinshasa.

Serge Ibaka, a collector of European gold medals, Olympic silver medals and NBA championships with the Toronto Raptors, is behind the ART project. It aims to launch initiatives in favor of Africa, with artists from Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. Serge Ibaka explains it as follows: “Many people succeed like me but forget where they come from. Art is a message, for everyone, for children, to encourage others to give back.

It is a partnership between a rap-obsessed baller and a basketball-obsessed rapper, Ninho, the French artist with the most gold, platinum and diamond singles, but also the second best selling album with M.I.L.S 3 in 2020. Their video also features Lucas Maggiori, a well-known artist on the scene, especially since his collaborations with Maître Gims and Soprano.

Listen to “Champion” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.