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Valerie June celebrates vulnerability on sumptuous “Call Me A Fool”

June’s new album, The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers, is built on sweetness and vulnerability, as seen in the video for “Call Me A Fool.”

After her 2017 album The Order of Time Valerie June was congratulated by Bob Dylan and praised by both Rolling Stone and The New York Times who gave her “Record of the Year” honors. She  has just finished a new musical journey, entitled  The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers, which she defines as follows: “With this record it finally became clear to me why I’ve always dreamed of making music. It’s not for material reasons, or to gain benefits, or to win anyone’s affection… It’s because dreaming feeds my curiosity; dreaming helps me stay on a path where I learn what I need to share with the world. I think that when we allow ourselves to dream as we did in childhood, we keep that light that we all have inside us on; and that helps us to preserve a kind of magic in our lives.

These reflections mirror the dream-filled atmosphere in the visual for “Call Me A Fool.” June’s voice is bewitching and wrapped in a rare kind of soul. Produced by the singer herself, but also by Jack Splash, who has collaborated with Alicia Keys, John Legend and Kendrick Lamar, the video is a gateway to dreaming. Its title is full of optimism, despite the sadness of the lyrics: “They call me a fool because of your love baby.” Blues, country, folk, gospel, pop, psychedelic rock and soul are intertwined and the video also combines themes: sensuality at play with vulnerability, with June transforming her fragility into breathtaking strength.

Pre-order the album here ahead of its March 12 release via Fantasy Records.

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