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Francisco Mora Catlett’s Pan‑American and Afro‑futurist music returns on reissue

Far Out Recordings has re-released Mora I and Mora II on vinyl, albums by the percussionist Francisco Mora Catlett.

Born in Washington in 1947, Catlett grew up in Mexico City, where he became one of the foremost avant-gardist artists in the country. He attended a Sun Ra Arkestra performance and ended up becoming their percussionist for seven years before moving to Detroit, where he embarked on a solo career. Soon after he composed his album Mora I, a mix of irresistible batucada and samba rhythms, before Mora II, which presented a sound augmented by the trumpeter Marcus Belgrave.

This last album has never been released on vinyl before now. A blend of jazz and soul from Detroit, but also melodies from various African and South American backgrounds, Francisco Mora defines his music as follows: “A manifesto of the presence of African heritage on the American continent.”

Pre-order these two albums here, before their release on April 16, via Far Out Recordings.