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Jeune Lio - SGFA (Sexy Girl From Abidjan) feat. Oxlade, Didi B & Chrystel

Jeune Lio invites Oxlade, Didi B and Chrystel for the “SGFA (Sexy Girl From Abidjan)” video

The DJ and co-founder of the notorious “La Sunday” event unveils the visuals of his afropop track, leaving his audience impatient for his first EP. 

The high standard casting of “SGFA” reflects well the “bridge between Anglophones and Francophones” that Jeune Lio wishes to create with his music. Joining forces with the new Nigerian pop star Oxlade, famous Ivorian rapper Didi B and singer Chrystel, the DJ will probably get the whole sub-region dancing. However, more than the artists, the women of Abidjan are the real stars of this sensual video. A way for the DJ to put his city on the map, in a region known for its huge cultural scene. “Lagos for me is the number one place for African music. But Abidjan is going to catch up because there is a new rap-ivoire scene that is on the rise, and the music scene is becoming more professional. In any case, we are number 1 for French-speaking Africa, there’s no doubt about it!” The aim of “SGFA” is therefore also to take Ivorian music into new heights, and the song’s languorous and accessible ambiance will surely find its audience in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries as well. 

The notorious Ivorian tirelessness probably also has a role to play in the musical strength of the country. If the event sector has globally been quite depressed in the last months, more is needed to discourage the Abidjanese: “In December, we had a lot of events. But now, there is a resurgence of corona cases, so people have calmed down a bit. Then there is also what is called januasiosis, which is a serious disease, a way of saying that in January people don’t have any money“, the DJ smiles. “But I think that in February/March it’s going to start again, people are always partying here” – and “SGFA” and the next singles will undoubtedly be on the people’s playlists. 

Listen to “SGFA” here and in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.