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Unreleased Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة track to play on the PAM Sound System Radio Show
Photo ©Fayssal Zaoui

Unreleased Guedra Guedra كدرة كدرة track to play on the PAM Sound System Radio Show

On Thursday, February 4, at 4pm on RCV99fm, the PAM Sound System will broadcast a preview of the track “Aura,” from the upcoming album by the Moroccan artist Guedra Guedra which will be released on March 12.

Unquestionably the artist behind one of the most intriguing hits of 2020 with his EP Son of Sun, Guedra Guedra recently announced the release of his album Vexillology, a logical continuation in which he builds a bridge between club culture and African traditions. By combining his research with dance floor energy, Guedra Guedra breathes new life into his bass by distilling tribal music, sounds of nature and traditional percussion, recorded directly at the source. Through the prism of tribal and ancestral practices, he imagines a utopian sense of equality between societies separated by borders, seeking to reunite North Africa with sub-Saharan Africa through his music.

Convinced that no studio recording can compete with the practice of field recording, the Moroccan artist ventured outside to find the raw material for “Aura,” which draws its energy from the Atlas Mountains, where the Zayan tribe continues to keep the practice of Ahidous alive. Men and women sing in an organized circle, reciting poems and playing bendir (North African percussion) to reach a collective trance, which Guedra Guedra brilliantly transcribes on this piece before transposing it to the club environments.

The show, which will be hosted by Crotch Goblin and Le Frit, will be broadcast on RCV99fm on Thursday, February 4, at 4pm, and rebroadcast on the Lille airwaves on Saturday, February 6, at 10pm, and by our Swiss friends at La Radio du Bord de l’Eau on Saturday, February 16, at 5pm!

The album Vexillology will be released on March 12 by On The Corner Records, pre-order it here.