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Adrian Younge celebrates Black History Month with album, podcast and short film

Adrian Younge’s most ambitious and deeply personal project to-date.

The exceptional Adrian Younge is embarking on an eminently political project: the deconstruction of racism in the United States. The Californian has a knack for wonderfully combining militancy and artistic passion. He defines his album as follows: “The American Negro is an uncompromising critique of a system of oppression in the United States, detailing the system and the resolutely malevolent approach that affects them on a daily basis. This brand new project dissects the hidden mechanisms of a form of blind racism, using music as a medium to restore the dignity and self-esteem of African-Americans like me.” Groove and soul combine harmoniously with the denunciations of painful racism in everyday life, in a very poetic way, on this important project.

Adrian Younge considers this to be the most important project of his career. He has invested himself body and soul, through singing, composing, writing and also through production. He also plays the overwhelming majority of the instruments on the album. The co-founder of the label, Jazz is Dead, he has also produced for countless artists, such as Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar. Adrian Younge now wants to become a “central element in our understanding of racism and in writing a new chapter in American history today.” His podcast “Invisible Blackness” is already available. Drawing parallels between the past and the present in order to analyze racism, a phenomenon that has historical roots in the United States. The artist wants to send a message of hope to anti-racist souls.

The release of the album is scheduled for February 26, via Jazz is Dead.