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Penya continues its genre‑bending mission on new LP

The London-based band Penya is embarking on its second album after a successful debut with On the Records label.

The name Penya is derived from the Spanish term “Peña,” meaning “a place of meeting and celebration for artists.” Refusing to confine themselves to a single musical genre, these musicians fully assume their artistic exploration through a mix of various ancestral rhythms. They soothe us and take us on a journey with “Elevation,” a diverse soundscape that moves between mysterious female songs, percussion and electro rhythms.

This track contrasts with “Baba Meyi,” a track driven by truly frantic rhythms: rock elements mix with festive and joyful sentiments. A deeply cosmopolitan group, Penya will premiere their double single Elevation/Baba Meyi in an online concert, which will be broadcast worldwide on February 13. This new album is beautifully illustrated by Brazilian artist Bruno Cassapulas.

Pre-order the album here, via the Liminal Recordings label. Listen to Penya in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.