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Samo Ones and Thnkn Aloud celebrate feminine beauty on single

Samo Ones and Thnkn Aloud, who form the British-Nigerian and afrobeats duo, have released the sensual and dance worthy single, “Show Colour Re”.

Samo Ones and Thnkn Aloud offer a soft and sensual message to women that blends rap and afrobeats influences. In a vibrant and colorful visual we see undulating feminine silhouettes. Thnkn Aloud explains as follows: “In the song, we use ‘color’ as a metaphor of beauty and the video aims to appreciate our beautiful Black women.” He also evokes the importance of “the captivating color of palettes and decors.

Samo Ones x Thnkn Aloud said: “The song is about representing our true colors and it is also about celebrating Black women. We are all very aware of society’s judgments of women, but our title goes against that. It aims to encourage women to be free of themselves. That’s why the video starts with a Black woman on a pedestal – ‘Show Colour Re’ aims to elevate our Black women in a world that wants to demean them.”

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