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Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller celebrate brotherhood on Connected

Jonny Miller and Kid Fonque honour solidarity on their new album Connected.

The South African artist Kid Fonque and the British producer Jonny Miller join forces once again in the pursuit of music that serves humanism. For almost a decade, these artists have been linked by the British and South African underground electronic scene. In this last project, they encourage us to remain connected, as the name of their new album suggests. Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller mix their own influences, forming an exquisite symbiosis. Although this album was produced in the midst of a health crisis, in two different countries, a line of sincere fraternity threads through the project, despite the difficult times. In this sense, the music of  Kid Fonque and Jonny Miller establishes an even truer solidarity.

The introductory piece, entitled “Connected Beings,” perfectly symbolizes this goal. It was written by South African singer Sio and performed by hip-hop artist ASAP Shembe. The track recalls Africa is a mother figure and speaks to the music inherent in their culture. These are artists insisting on the universality of their art, encouraging us to look beyond “black and white” in order to “reconcile” and become “musically-connected” beings. After all: “Music has no color.” The album brings together many South African talents, such as Toshi, Khensky, Fernando and China Charmeleon. It creates a new musical universe by merging the various influences of all contributing artists, blending broken beat, deep tech and soul house.

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Connected, out on March 5 via Stay True Sounds — pre-order the album here.