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Mamans du Congo & Rrobin release "Ngaminké"

Somewhere between hip-hop and tradition, “Ngaminké” tells the story of a water source in the village of M’Bamou, abandoned since wartime and desperate for new drinkers.

Following the release of their first album on November 13, 2020, Les Mamans du Congo have released the video for “Ngaminké,” which carries the same name as their album. A deeply spiritual piece, this video was shot by the director Flore Onissah in Brazzaville, on the banks of the Congo River. It is a project that reflects the group’s approach: to draw from the source of their story, revisiting the tales of a country that is slowly dying. This homage to Congolese culture employs traditional Bantu sounds and merges ancestral music with grime and hip-hop along with Gladys Samba’s soft voice, who sings and raps in turns while delivering her poignant messages. The dreamlike soundscape also features the electronic music of the bassist Rrobin, a sometime companion to the famous Congolese singer Zao.

Recorded over a few days at Jarring Effects’ Rumble Inn studio in Lyon, their album corresponds to a political commitment.

The album Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin is available through Jarring Effects.

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