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Bop de Narr, Kerozen and Serge Beynaud fight procrastination on "Marabout"

With this new track, the three Ivorians insist on effort in achieving goals. The track also criticizes the overrated powers of  witchcraft.

Bop de Narr, Kerozen and Serge Beynaud are a trio calling for straight-thinking with the single “Marabout.” Bop de Narr is considered a provocative artist, named after the French mercenary Bob Denard, who participated in African coups. His songs very often denounce the frustration of Ivorian youth, as in “Vilain,” where he states: “My weapons are the punchlines.” Kerozen found considerable success with “Mon heure a sonné” in 2016, which has become a must-listen in the world of coupé-décalé. Serge Beynaud, nicknamed “the ambassador of coupé-décalé,” also offers advice against the perils of procrastination.

In the music video, the three artists make terse remarks against idleness: “You don’t train, you want to have the career of Drogba.” They also say: “You don’t work, you only sleep, you want to become rich like Dangote,” in reference to the Nigerian businessman, considered the richest in Africa. With each example, the same conclusion follows: “My friend, your marabout has joked on you oh!” The rappers add: “My friend, he’s a liar, he told you to send red chicken, black chicken.” This represents real incrimination against individuals who promise worlds and wonders through spells. According to Bop de Narr, Kerozen and Serge Beynaud, the real magic comes through old fashioned hard work: “At the end of the effort, you will be strong, it’s not canaries, it’s not gri gri.

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