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Quantic and Nidia Góngora reunite on new album

Following a critically acclaimed first project and world tour, the two artists unveil “Vuelve,” a single from the upcoming Almas Conectadas.

Almas Conectadas is the new album from English producer Will “Quantic” Holland and Colombian singer-songwriter Nidia Góngora, due out on October 22. The album explores the rich and mystical musical traditions of Colombia’s Pacific coast, bringing a modern and rock-infused twist to the folklore. On eleven tender tracks, Nidia evokes the longing for impossible love, celebrates eternal bachelors, mourns the lost at sea, and tells the stories of the people of Timbiqui (whose location and cultural contrasts provide eternal inspiration). The album’s first singles,”’Balada Borracha” and “Macumba de Marea,” blend the cyclical rhythm of Quantic’s guitars with Nidia’s uplifting voice. The duo now unveils “Vuelve,” a majestic ballad driven powerful horns. 

Considered one of the leading marimba artists in the South Pacific, and a protector of the oral traditions of the region, Nidia Góngora sings for various local bands, including Grupo Canalon. Her encounter with Quantic, one of the most prominent artists in alternative dance music, dates back to 2007, when the producer was living in Cali, Colombia. “My neighbour used to listen to a Grupo Canalon CD over and over,” he recalls. “That’s when I realised how special Nidia’s voice is. Then I started looking at her compositions and lyrics, which are always incredibly beautiful.” Their album is the perfect marriage of great storytelling, musical diversity, collective creative endeavor and inter-cultural dialogue.

Almas Connectadas will come out on October 22 via Tru Thoughts.  

Listen to « Vuelve » in our Songs of the Week playlist on Spotify and Deezer.

Quantic, Nidia Góngora – Vuelve