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Reggaeton producer Bizarrap features French rapper MHD on new track

Having accumulated millions of followers with his BZRP music sessions, the Argentinian beatmaker took advantage of his stay in Paris to collaborate with the French “King of Afro-trap.”

Bizarrap is one of the forerunners on the Argentinian hip-hop scene. His BZRP sessions concept is simple and effective: the producer creates an instrumental and films an artist performing on it in his Buenos Aires studio. Top Latin-American artists such as Nicky Jam and Nathy Peluso have jumped on board for reggaeton and hip-hop infused super hits. The number of views on his YouTube channel are mind-boggling: 262 million views for Nathy Peluso, 204 million views with L-Gante and 123 million views with Snow Tha Product.

In Paris for a brief stop, for the 44th BZRP session, Bizarrap joined forces with the French rapper MHD. Known for his Afro-trap cocktail, he released his first solo album “MHD” in 2016, which launched his career as a rapper and gained double platinum certification in France. In September 2018, he released his second album entitled “19”, certified platinum. Here, the rapper attacks Bizarrap’s beat in his signature style, marking the first collaboration between the producer and a French artist. To solidify this bridge between France and Argentina, MHD dedicates this track to Lionel Messi, the Argentinian soccer legend who recently joined PSG: “je suis dans la capi’ comme Messi” (“I’m in the capital like Messi”). This banger will definitely make people dance in Paris and Buenos Aires. 

Listen to “BZRP Music Sessions #44” in our Pan African Rap playlist on Spotify and Deezer.