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Porto’s label XXIII celebrates club reopenings with new compilation
DJ Narciso (c) Marta Pina

Porto’s label XXIII celebrates club reopenings with new compilation

As Portugal will finally reopen nightclubs on October 1st, XXIII announces the release of a new compilation, Volume 10. Listen to “Tuga,” a first single by Caucenus and DJ Narciso.

After more than a year and a half of closure, as Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, clubs in Portugal are about to reopen. It is therefore with a certain amount of excitement that the XXIII team (which will soon get a label focus with founders Noia and Torres) is getting ready to go back behind the decks and re-experience night effervescence.

To mark the occasion, the Porto-based label will release a new compilation this week, their tenth since their 2015 debut. The project takes the form of a love declaration to the diversity of “club music.” Like their previous compilations entirely dedicated to 150 BPM funk or to Megatron, two sub-genres of Brazilian funk, this new chapter will offer a wide panel of what the Portuguese electronic scene has to offer best, with many national producers but not only.

Thus, participants include the now well-known Rastronaut, close collaborator of Branko within Enchufada, French hard drum producer and recent guest of the PAM Club Kaval, or Brazilian DJ and producer from Rio, lym. To take the temperature of this tenth compilation, XXIII’s very own Caucenus joins forces with promising producer from Lisbon collective RS Produções DJ Narciso, on a dark glitchy but also strangely sensitive tarraxo track entitled “Tuga.” The track is to be discovered in exclusivity below. 

The compilation Volume 10 will be available on October 1st.

Caucenus x Dj Narciso – Tuga