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Nakhane campaigns for ideologically aligned lovers

Nakhane unveils new single “Tell Me Your Politik”, and the music video that goes along with it, featuring Nile Rodgers and Moonchild Sanelly.

The unquestionably talented South African artist Nakhane, who has now built a solid reputation for himself, after the release of Brave Confusion and You Will Not Die, invites fellow star Moonchild Sanelly and American guitar player Nile Rodgers to partake in their new single “Tell Me Your Politik”. For the purpose of this new title, Nakhane has directed a music video to give it its full dramatic potential.

Nakhane – Tell Me Your Politik (feat. Moonchild Sanelly & Nile Rodgers) (Official Music Video)

The music video opens up with a caricatural view of a military camp in training. This scene is interspersed with images of two people embracing near the barracks. A Lee Ermey look-alike drill instructor headed to the training camp stumbles upon them, enraged at the discovery of one of his trainees, the main protagonist, in a non-conformist relationship. Back at the training camp, soldiers are still training, this time supervised by the yelling drill instructor. The music has started and the soldier’s footsteps are synchronised with the title’s hyper-percussive rhythm. Something is about to go down, the drill instructor has decided to make his trainee pay for this felt affront. The soldier falls on the ground, the recruits’ training moves evolve into an elaborate choreography over a jazzy tune. Everyone is suddenly transported into a nightclub where Moonchild Sanelly’s singing is accompanied by Nile Rodgers.

Kiss me if you want to, touch me if you want to, I wouldn’t say no, but first, you’ve got to tell me about your politik” : Nakhane’s message is clear. There is no point in relationships, even sexual ones, if people’s values do not align. Mixing gqom and kwaito, their pop-infused thesis is defiantly bolstered by Moonchild Sanelly’s essential contribution. The whole thing makes for a riveting experience.

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