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Pan African Rap: Daddy1, Gigy Money & 2BTO King

Also including new music from Kofs, Didine Canon 16, Lil Zed, Whozu, Ko-C and Innoss’B.

Each week Pan African Music scours the digital vaults for the latest and greatest rap from across the African continent and its diaspora. Drill, trap, grime, Afropop, amapiano, coupé-décalé, electro mahragan… all these sub-genres and interpretations make an appearance, attesting to hip-hop’s power to unite the world with indomitable flows and creative melodies. Rap is now the world’s music, and our pan-African selection is only scratching the surface. If it’s here, it means we think it bumps, and would be confident sharing it with hip-hop heads everywhere. We encourage you to do the same.

This week’s Pan African Rap roundup features a catchy banger that combines the qualities of rappers Didine Canon and Kofs, the dramatic visuals of the hit signed by 2BTO King and Lil Zed, Gigy Money’s self confidence, Ko-C and Innoss’B imagine being outrageously rich and Daddy1’s new title is just plain “outrageous”.

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Didine Canon 16 x Kofs

Algeria, France, June 16th, 2022

Algerian rapper Didine Canon 16 teams up with his French raspy-voice counterpart aptly named Kofs in “Trafiquinté”. Switching between French and Arabic, referencing both Marseille and Algiers, the rappers’ distinct styles fuse together in the hook to produce this catchy banger.

2BTO King
“Rocky Jette” feat. Lil Zed

Mali, June 20th, 2022

2BTO King and Lil Zed unite their forces in “Rocky Jette”, a single with a catchy chorus and a music video full of dramatic visuals that sees 2BTO King showcase his rapping skills in a motorised convoy while Lil Zed prefers the peaceful settings of mountainous regions. The end suggests there could be a sequel…

Gigy Money
“Pressure” feat. Whozu

Tanzania, June 17th, 2022

Tanzanian rappers Gigy Money and Whozu are partners in crime on “Pressure”, where Gigy’s self-confidence is on display beside her casual flow.

“Quand J’aurai L’argent” feat. Innoss’B

Cameroon, Congo, June 17th, 2022

Yet another collaboration this week with Ko-C teaming up with Innoss’B in “Quand J’Aurai L’argent (once I’ll have money). A funny and self-indulgent tune about balling out with big means. Ko-C imagines himself owning the biggest football stars to entertain his kids and flying to the US in private jets just to charge his phone.


Jamaïca, June 18th, 2022

Daddy1 is raking in the cash on “Outrageous”, a worthy follow-up to his single “Rich”. In the music video, the Jamaican rapper displays the sensual appeal of his decadent lifestyle.

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